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Our Mission

Connecting Ambassadors of Change (from kitchens and gardens and farms) to rejuvenate food environments using innovation in food diversity.  


Who are the Ambassadors?

Decision-makers who pull the levers in communities, namely individuals who

Cook for Others (C4Os) and

Grow for Others (G4Os)

Nurtural Food is the name we've given to the non-profit business unit within a social enterprise called Nurtural Limited


The enterprise will generate income from master-planning and managing construction of food system infrastructure, and invest 50% of profits to support Nurtural Food's work for affordable access to UK-grown whole ingredients (like URBeans) from zero plastic stores, progressive catering services and community innovation projects.


Systems-thinking has helped us design Nurtural Limited as part of BeanMeals, a project funded by the Transforming UK Food Systems programme.


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